Story of Hussain

The meaning of his name “good; young beautiful one”is one that could not suit him any better. The youngest of 5 siblings, and a possessor of beauty- both inside and out, which has extended across the world through his smile.


Hussain was known for his caring nature. He was deeply emotional and felt the emotions of others as his own. This is why he did everything he could to make those around him smile. From being the one taking charge in matters to being the first one to offer help in every circumstance.

His presence in a room was always felt, as is his absence now. He was not just the apple of everyone’s eyes – he was the whole fruit basket. He carried a positive energy wherever he went, and his company was cherished by all.


He was strong in his faith, and in his mother’s words “never needed to be woken more than once for his morning prayers”. He loved to accompany his father to perform congregational prayers at his local mosque, where he was known by all as a friendly regular.

Hussain was a hardworking and ambitious student. Upon receiving his exam results, he would glow in pride as he presented his grades to his loved ones. He was close to his siblings and aspired to be like them and support them, and was eager to make his parents proud – and he always did.


He was also an astute entrepreneur and had started an online apparel business from his home.


As he was growing into a confident and independent young man, he developed a love for travelling, and in his last year travelled to France with his friends and to Turkey with his family.

Sadly, however, he tragically lost his life outside his home on 17th March 2021 – just 2 weeks before his 19th birthday, whilst bravely protecting his family, his property and himself from thieves carrying knives.

We pray that our Hussain rests in peace in heaven and in the greatest of company. He is missed every minute of every day and the Hussain Foundation works to continue his noble legacy as a young man that can be a role model for the generations of today and tomorrow.